Open Mind, Faithful Heart

Open Mind, Faithful Heart:
Reflections on Following Jesus

Pope Francis connects with people, especially the young, the forgotten, and the forlorn. The cameras show him in Rome, in Brazil, in Lampedusa reaching out to the crowds, holding infants, embracing the disabled.

What is the source of this septuagenarian’s energy? What is the secret of his spiritual vitality? This book is perhaps the best introduction to what makes the Pope the engaging pastor he is.

During his years as archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio gave many conferences to those collaborating with him in pastoral ministry. His constant theme was how to follow Jesus unreservedly, even in the hectic turmoil of our modern world. The texts of these conferences, collected in the present volume, reveal the spiritual depths of Pope Francis as perhaps no other work does.

The strong scriptural orientation of the Pope is evident in the countless references to both Old Testament and New. To help the reader, this edition has supplemented the original text with appropriate scriptural citations.

Like the Scriptures themselves, the language of these pages speaks to the heart as much as to the mind. These are meditations to be savored rather than just read quickly and filed away.

Many of the themes Pope Francis treats in his almost daily addresses to the public can be traced back to these conferences from earlier years. The materials in this book will help to unlock the deeper meaning of the papal discourses.

This is a book not just for reading. It is a path for prayer and a guide for life.

A Call To Serve

The boundary-breaking election of Pope Francis
and what it means for Catholicism

This thoughtful, lively introduction to Pope Francis’s life and his promising future in the Vatican details the historic events surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation, the subsequent election of Pope Francis, and the particulars of the new pope’s spirituality and thought. The book, jointly crafted by a Vatican Radio editor and journalist and the editor of the internet news service Catholic World News, artfully combines European and American perspectives and looks at the implications of the election of the first pope from the Americas who also is the first Jesuit pope in history. This beautiful volume features an accessible format, anecdotes and additional background information broken into boxes, and full-color photography on nearly every page, all the while relating the gripping stories of a man who has confronted poverty, dictatorship, and revolution.